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When Life Gives You Meyer Lemons….

When Life Gives You Meyer Lemons….

……Rejoice! The Meyer lemon was introduced to the US from China in 1908. It is named after the agricultural explorer that gathered a clipping of what is thought to be a cross between a regular lemon and an orange tree. How are they different from […]

Marin Farmers Market in July – Snapshots of What’s Happening

Marin Farmers Market in July – Snapshots of What’s Happening

It’s all happening Thursday mornings in Marin…

April Flowers (are at the market and calling your name)…

April Flowers (are at the market and calling your name)…

The sun is out in Northern California and the flowers are here and happy! The same rain that wreaked havoc on coastal hillsides and bridges last Winter has now come to you in an explosion of Spring color, fragrance and beauty. They are at the markets now, get them while they last…

full belly farm
april flowers
front porch farm
front porch farm
cypress flower farm
cypress flower farm
cypress flower farm
Squash & Gourds!

Squash & Gourds!

Autumn’s full bounty is on display right before Thanksgiving in Western Sonoma County. Just before the weather turns really dark and nasty, Mother Earth gives us one last glimpse of our long summer growing season that usually lasts deep into November. Winter Squash by different names, […]

San Rafael’s Thursday Farmers Market in November – Snapshots of What’s Happening 

Although cold out there in the mornings now, the best farmers market in the north bay is still going strong with wonderful gem-like produce offerings.


Baby Beets shine in the early morning sun at the Full Belly Farm stand.

Kohlrabi, Blue Kabocha Squash and the last Jimmy Nardellos of the season.

Crabapples from Hidden Star Orchards.

Marin Roots always bringing something interesting to the market. Mature Italian Agretti.


Sunchokes from Orchard Farms.


New crop walnuts.

Chestnuts from Sunnyland.

Tons of winter squash to choose from.

Blue Kabocha Squash.

Asian Pears.

Brussel Sprouts from Iacopi Farms in Half Moon Bay.

Gorgeous radishes from Tomatero Farms in Watsonville, Ca.

Fuyu Persimmons

Fuyu Persimmons are in abundance right now at the markets in Northern California. They should be used and celebrated! Below is a very easy appetizer to serve as a first course or as part of an hors d’oeuvre party. If you want to make it […]

Peaches & Cream

Peaches & Cream

Looking for a sexy late summer food pairing? Look no further… Whether it be freshly made chèvre from a local herd of Tomales Bay goats at White Whale Farm or thickened creme fraiche (we make ours using Sonoma & Marin county cream) turned into a […]


Kashiwase Farms.

To us, saying the words and eating the fruit is the sound and taste of Summer in its truest form.

Peaches, Nectarines and Pluots from an organic farm in Winton, Ca. They also grow almonds.

I can’t think of fruit I look forward to purchasing more than this.

Every week throughout the hottest months there is something new to savor.

Below are four different types of their pluots that are blowing our minds the first week of September 2015.

Flavor Grenade
Dapple DandyFlavor King
Bella Royale


San Rafael’s Thursday Farmer’s Market in August-snapshot of what’s happening. 

Chanterelle mushrooms are an excellent by-product of mid summer mountain rain Coastal lettuces from Bolinas, Ca Lemon Cucumbers abound Plums of course… Fresh goat cheese from Tomales Bay Flowers Flowers Nectarines Flowering coriander Squash blossoms Melons by the truck load early pomegranates Shelling beans Blood […]