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A Warm Winter Tartine

A Warm Winter Tartine

Just because we take some time off the ‘kitchen’ clock in the winter, doesn’t mean we still don’t want tasty snacks at home. And…, it really doesn’t get any easier, or more satisfying than this. Follow along, thank us after. Start with a good loaf […]

Pine Street Market X Portland, Oregon.

Pine Street Market X Portland, Oregon.

From DTLA to Amsterdam to Singapore, and almost everywhere in between, no big city today is complete without an urban ‘food hall’. A place that blends genre and culture, sweet and savory, crowds large and diverse. Pine Street Market is a foodie sanctuary. A spot […]

Camp Like a Chef

Camp Like a Chef

The end of June is usually screaming hot in wine country; with temps this year reaching 107+ inland just last week…

Heat like that means it’s time to figure out how to get away and cool down on the coast.
The redwoods, the fern canyons, the foggy beach; this is what we dream about. Losing the phones, setting up a tent, lighting a campfire and chilling out with some good, simple snacks and a bottle of bubbles makes a 2-day sneak-away feel like a 2-week vacation this time of year.

But just because we want to get back to nature for a couple of moon-rises doesn’t mean we want to skimp and eat garbage out of a bag or processed deli food from whatever local market has just been bought out by Safeway. It also doesn’t mean we want to overwork ourselves and spend time doing too much prep or dishes in camp because that’s not why we do this…

The following recipe is a gold standard when we need a nosh in nature. It’s so easy I’m gonna just show you the pictures with only the tiniest bit of explaining. Follow this as loosely as you like. Follow this to a T. It’s not rocket science. Its delicious with bubbles. You can cook like a camp chef too. You got this.

Grilled Cheesy Toasts with Mushrooms & Bacon
Mug of HomeMade Tomato Soup on the Side
Jar of HomeMade Salsa on the Side of That

Just a few good ingredients like killer smoked bacon, crimini mushrooms, scallions, seeded baguette and Iron Horse (it’s in our blood).


Fry that Bacon over the fire or on a camp stove, it doesn’t really matter. What does really matter is an excellent cast iron skillet.


Criminis work great for this but if you gotta forage be my guest.

Bacon, Mushrooms & Scallions

Put the big three together and you’re half way there.

Cheese with Salsa & Lime

Get your cheese ready. Obviously you can use what you like. This is melty magic with mozzarella and swiss.

Tomato Soup

Do yourself a favor and bring an awesome homemade tomato soup with you. I freeze mine for an extra cool ice chest. While you are at it, make some killer salsa (don’t freeze that).

Grilled Bread with Cheese

Grill that bread on a grill pan for ease. Use bacon grease if you dare. Olive oil if you don’t.

Grilled Bread with Cheese, Bacon, Mushrooms & Scallions

Top that grilled cheese tartine with the goods and your done.


Grilled Mushroom & Bacon Cheesy Bread with the Works Plus Tomato Soup in a Mug

You’re welcome…

The Treasure Island Music Festival 10th Anniversary

The Treasure Island Music Festival 10th Anniversary

Jeez, It’s been ten years, where does the time go we ask? Ten years ago this October BLC (being just a newborn) was asked to come down and serve the artists over the weekend kicking out the jams at the Treasure Island Music festival.A decade […]

#TBT-BLC hits Homerun at Michel-Schlumberger            Passport 2011

#TBT-BLC hits Homerun at Michel-Schlumberger Passport 2011

Once again Bay Laurel Culinary buffed out the legendary gastroshack for a stellar weekend of baseball themed gourmet fun at Michel Schlumberger in Dry Creek Valley. Carlos and his band played beautifully in the winery coutyard as the guests began tasting at 11 AM both […]

The Chef’s Spring Break; A few days of Adventure, R & D in the Golden State

We recently took a few days to see what was happening with our neighbors in California. A shoestring budget got us deserted campsites, hikes, free museums, gardens, parks, a movie (about food), history lessons and a full force burger tour in LA. In between we spied on the happenings at some of the most talked about to-go restaurants in the southland, ate killer sushi and Mexican food (of course), saw family and even got some work done at the beach. It was incredible what we were able to accomplish in just a few days of travel. Most importantly the chefs had a little time to get out of the kitchen, get inspired and start making plans for the coming summer season in the North Bay. The following gallery notes what we did, what we saw and what we ate at the end of March 2016. More details available upon request…

Stone Fruit Chutney in January

Remember all of the wonderfully seasonal stone fruit you put up in jars last summer? The incredible peaches, plums and nectarines you bought in bulk at the farmers market in August and spent an entire day making perfect in Ball jars? Well here is a […]

BLC serves it up backstage for Lenny Kravitz

BLC serves it up backstage for Lenny Kravitz

  It was a big Sunday night rocknroll show at the William Randolph Hearst Greek Theatre in Berkeley, Ca and we were there to make sure everyone backstage was well fed.     We make sure to have plenty of house made pickles and preserves to serve […]

Quivira Wine Club Food and Wine Pairing: June 2015

Quivira Wine Club Food and Wine Pairing: June 2015

Quivira Winery asked us to do some pairings for their Wine Club Release Party in June. We were thrilled to oblige. The following photos show what we were up to on that beautifully sunny Saturday.

First things first. Jim, the gentleman who does an extraordinary job managing the winery’s biodynamic gardens gave us some Mexican Habaneros last harvest and we returned the favor by bringing back a case of super sweet and spicy jam. Recommended for guests with leather tongues…

Corrine Smith, our front of house captain, shows off a platter of Fresh Oregon Shrimp Rolls. We used the lemongrass from the garden to punch up the mayonnaise we make from scratch by infusing the stalks in rice bran oil first. Then we mix the fresh Oregon bay shrimp with celery, onions and the infused mayonnaise and stuff that salad into soft, fresh demi-baguettes with crisp frisee and sprinkle the top with a very fruity paprika. Sounds good, right? Tastes better…

Ciara explains the finer points of grilling our seasonal flatbread over mesquite charcoal to a wine club member.

Our mesquite grilled flatbread offering comprised of onion soubise, Point Reyes Bay Blue, chives and lovage from the Quivira garden.

We simmered huge pans of Arroz con Pollo on the stove at the winery to pair with the grenache.

Our Arroz con Pollo consisted of our very own cured pork belly, organic marinated chicken thighs, the finest Spanish saffron and parsley from the winery garden. Onie spent the afternoon serving dish after dish to enthusiastic guests.

John Moller grilled up a couple hundred handmade beef kofta with Quivira garlic and oregano. These were drenched in olive oil and paired with Zinfandel.

Here we are at the end of a long but prosperous day in the Quivira garden. We are grateful to work in such beautiful places with an awesome team and wonderful clients. We look forward to being back at Quivira in August for the annual Quivira Farm to Table dinner.

Finding inspiration down South

Finding inspiration down South

The food scene is more interesting than it has ever been in Los Angeles. BLC took a minute to check it out in early July this year and this is our report. I always recommend entering the Southland from the North via Hwy 101. No […]